The Company

Clean and ecologically sound – in-line cleaning with recovery of production oil.

„Coil to box“ in the sense of lean manufacturing using all the effective synergies and potential cost savings (e.g. recovery and re-use of production oil), was and is, the most important theme in many production companies the world over. This is especially the case in the production of small mass-produced parts such as screws, nuts, stamped, pressed and turned parts.

Even before 1993, the year in which our company in Walldorf began, we had a vision: the cleaning and reclaiming and re-using of production oil as part of the production process. Using our special in-line cleaning system we have realized this idea. The mass-produced parts are thoroughly cleaned, the oil is reclaimed and re-used.The production process runs smoothly and the parts produced are degreased and clean, ready either for further processing or to be dispatched.

We began to realize our basic idea of the combination of production and cleaning of mass-produced parts in 1993 with the development of our stamping-bending machine for producing bushings, the WAB. The success of this machine motivated us to develop more in-line cleaning machines. Since then our in-line cleaning machines with oil recovery, can be found all over the world in companies making mass-produced parts. Well-known production companies the world-over use and trust our in-line cleaning machines and are confident of our innovation and quality “Made in Germany”.

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