Turbo-Clean® WT30

Product details


Turbo-Clean® WT30: High-performance cleaning with oil recovery
The Turbo-Clean® WT30 is a high-performance cleaning machine for mass-produced parts allowing up to 95% of the production oil to be recovered for re-use. The Turbo-Clean® WT30 degreases, cleans and preserves industrially manufactured mass-produced parts. This efficient in-line cleaning machine can be placed either centrally or de-centrally in an in-line production system or can be manually operated.

Up to 95% of the production oil can be recovered and returned to the production machine. After the spin-cycle cleaning fluid is pumped into the drum.

The centrifugal force pushes the cleaning fluid between the parts (screws, nuts and other small parts) ensuring that all parts, not only those on the outside are thoroughly cleaned and degreased. The cleaning fluid penetrates to all the parts even those on the inside. The wash cycle parameters are adjustable.

After wash cycle there follows a drying cycle which is also adjustable.

It is also possible to add an anti-corrosion or coating step.


Rotation axis of the drum is horizontal
Oil reclamation 95%
Automatic continuous operation
Range of sizes: maximum diameter 100mm, maximum length 200mm

Degreasing, washing, drying and preserving of parts in less than 2.5m² of floor space.