Turbo-Clean® WS30

Product details


Turbo-Clean® WS30: High-performance continuous automatic machine for larger-sized mass-produced parts.
The degreasing centrifuge in the Turbo-Clean® WS30 has been specially designed for the industrial cleaning of larger mass-produced parts. This high-performance machine also consists of a degreasing centrifuge which, in on-line production can recycle over 95% of the production oil. Our customers are aware of the economic and environmental importance of re-using production oil, an major feature of this high-performance in-line cleaning machine, which has been specially designed for larger mass-produced parts and greater overall volume.

The Turbo-Clean® WS30 can be placed either centrally or de-centrally in an in-line production system or can be manually operated. The parts are loaded via the top to one side of the drum, processed in the drum and leave the drum at the opposite side. There is no need to manually remove the parts from the drum at any stage of the process.

After the degreasing step warm or cold air-flow can optionally be added for drying.



Rotation axis of the drum is horizontal
Oil reclamation 95%
Automatic continuous operation
Range of sizes: maximum diameter 100mm, maximum length 200mm

Degreasing of parts and recycling of oil in less than 2.5m² of floor space.