Turbo Clean® TS50

Product details


Turbo-Clean® TS50: in-line cleaning machine with Turbo degreasing 
The Turbo-Clean® TS50 with degreasing centrifuge is a high-performance continuous automatic cleaning machine for mass-produced parts such as screws, nuts, stamped and pressed parts. The Turbo-Clean® TS50 degreases quickly and thoroughly. At the same time it is possible for the production company to save oil as the Turbo degreasing system recovers over 95% of the production oil without loss of quality which can then be returned to the production process. This is both economically and environmentally sound.

The Turbo-Clean® TS50 can be placed either centrally or de-centrally in an in-line production system or can be manually operated. All sections of the operating system take place within the degreasing centrifuge. The parts are loaded at the top, processed in the drum and leave the drum at the bottom. There is no need to manually remove the parts from the drum at any stage of the process.

After the degreasing step warm or cold air-flow can optionally be added for drying.



Rotation axis of the drum is vertical
Oil reclamation 95%
Automatic continuous operation
Range of sizes: maximum diameter 30mm, maximum length 110mm

Degreasing of parts and recycling of oil in less than 1,5m² of floor space.