Turbo-Clean® SF 500-2

Product details


Turbo-Clean® SF 500-2: Two-step high-performance In-line cleaning for more fragile mass-produced parts with optional ultrasound action.
The Turbo-Clean® SF 500 is a high-performance cleaning machine which can also be used for more fragile mass-produced parts. During the process the parts are individually, one-after-the-other, cleaned in a wet-chemical bath and then dried in a unidirectional process. The special feature of this machine is that there are two stages meaning that spray stages or extra drying stages can be carried out in one process cycle. Further modular changes are possible.

The fragile mass-produced parts are fed into the machine at a determined rate and move into the cleaning chamber. The cleaning medium is continually vibrated. This together with a high-volume constant flow of cleaning medium and the optional use of ultrasound action ensures optimal cleaning of the parts in a short time.

Following the wash cycle the parts are moved out of the bath, rinsed and are dried.
The Turbo-Clean® SF 500-2 can be placed either centrally or de-centrally in an in-line production system or can be manually operated. If the machine is not part of a production line the parts enter the machine by way of a hopper chute. This means the machine can work automatically without the need for personnel.

Gentle cleaning of fragile parts
Optional ultrasound cleaning action
Continuous cleaning of individual parts: FIFO (First In First Out)
Range of sizes: maximum diameter 40mm, maximum length 200mm

Ultra sound cleaning drying and preserving of parts in less than 1.5m² of floor space.